Everyone deserves to feel beautiful

Natural skincare for all skin types

Why Choose Us?

Everyone deserves to be beautiful!

FBR Skin care is about embracing your natural beauty without the side effects of any toxic chemicals on the body. At FBR Skin Care, we're committed to creating skincare products that cater to everyone.

All products are handmade from home with lots of love and dedication to getting the best quality and as natural as can be for customer use. My family and friends are my biggest fans as they love to use my product. My shea butters come from a farm land in northern part of Ghana. They are ethically sourced, fair trade, natural materials that are expertly crafted to match users' needs.  As a new company, I dedicated my first 10 sales towards a ''give a gift project'' for less privilege children this Christmas and aims to do so every Christmas.

I bought 2 tubs of the FBR shear butter on Etsy and I must say I’m soooo pleased I took that chance. My skin becomes very dry as a result of working in a hospital, the constant washing and alcohol use makes my skin crack and flaky. Applying the FBR shear butter has improved the outlook of my palms. My body feels super smooth and soft.

It’s also a product for the entire family, even for the babies. I’m looking forward to purchasing other FBR products.

Well done FBR

CEO of mum2baby.com

About Us

Patience Fordjour

store owner

I believe in self  love and self care in the most natural way. I believe that what we apply on our skin should be equally as good as what we put into our body, in the most natural and harm free way. This passion was inspired by my life experience as a result of growing up in a community where skin care products were all homemade from natural ingredients. As a small business, my products are made with the customer in mind. I aim to make people feel and be beautiful with my natural skin care products. As a trained nurse by profession, caring for people is part of my passion.  I have also completed an accredited course in organic skin care which gives me a greater understanding of skin types, anatomy and skin care formulary in a natural and safest way.